Hotels in Montreal, QC – Bienvenue! Montreal is known for the beautiful St. Lawrence River running through and around it where you can discover a full day of outdoor activities from kayaking to river boat tours. The town has.

It formally fall, and although the leaves havent pretty modified color yet, you can need to seize a coat before heading out to explore the city.

Canada is one of the biggest and most unique countries in the world, but so much of it remains a mystery for many people. Until now.

The French came to Canada to colonize the region for fur trading. New France was a colony of France for 150 years, and during that time, 10,000 people, most of whom were from France, immigrated to the

You dont need a huge budget for Montreal within the fall, just a good camera and a few relaxed sweaters. Here are fun activities.

Learn about the ten high-quality universities in Canada.

If you're a small business owner in Canada, you have plenty of options for financing.

Top 15 Things to Do in Montreal, Canada – One of the oldest cities in North America and one of the largest French-speaking cities in the world, Montréal is seen as.

Dating In Montreal As An Anglo Three overnight shootings occurred in downtown Montreal early Tuesday, and of the incidents despatched three men to medical institution. At round middle of the night between Monday and Tuesday, police determined a 38. (Alain Béland/Radio-Canada) Montreal police are investigating four separate shootings in a single day on Monday that left three guys injured and motors

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